Toter Atlas waste containers

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wastequip’s Toter brand has introduced a redesigned line of commercial-grade Atlas stationary waste containers designed to withstand tough job site abuse. Features include:

  • nonslip, fully-enclosed handles designed so they won’t snap off
  • fluted inner walls to provide easier removal of trash can liners
  • removable lid snaps tightly shut making the containers animal- and weather-proof
  • a built-in dolly adapter compatible with universal caster dollies
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Dust Control Technology odor treatment distributor

The OdorBoss 60G (OB-60G) by Dust Control Technology (DCT), Peoria, Illinois, uses a specially engineered mist that distributes odor treatment agents over great distances using water vapor as the delivery vehicle. Features include:

  • delivers a fine mist for optimum odor control
  • dispenses air treatment chemicals, such as the OB line of deodorizers, which are designed to hang suspended in the air for long periods of time
  • can be quickly repositioned on its trailer to accommodate changing work locations or shifting wind patterns
  • fine fog is propelled by a 25-horsepower fan generating 30,000 cubic feet per minute of air flow
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Vecoplan Midwest containerized pellet plant

Vecoplan Midwest has introduced the containerized pellet plant (CPP). Features include:

  • described by the company as a quick, easy and affordable solution for 1-to-2-ton-per-hour pellet production
  • easily adapts to most existing trailer load-out systems
  • eliminates the need for expensive buildings, according to the company
  • processes a variety of material, including wood, biomass, feed products and manure
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Rolls-Royce compact generator sets

Rolls-Royce, Friedrichshafen, Germany, announced the availability of new generator sets from its subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy. The product line is the result of a three-year collaboration between the company and Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany. Features include:

  • equipped with Mercedes-Benz engines.
  • engines equipped with Tier 3 electronic fuel systems
  • new rear or side-facing control panel
  • new weatherproof base and enclosure
  • a power output range of 80-200 kilowatt electric
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