DuPont enzyme

DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Wilmington, Delaware, has launched of Optimash AD-100, a new enzyme designed to help biomethane producers improve biogas yields. Features include:

  • can produce up to a 13 percent increase in biogas yields in anaerobic digesters, says the company
  • breaks down organic matter—like food, paper, animal and farm wastes—resulting in sugars more suitable for biogas-producing microorganisms
  • designed to reduce feedstock requirements and increase biogas production
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Doppstadt screw extruder

Doppstadt, with U.S. headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, introduces the BioPress DBP 205 screw extruder. Features of the machine include:

  • processes bags, shrink-wrapped items, and a variety of packaging including clear plastic, paper, cardboard and foil
  • designed to be resistant to more than 3 inches of foreign bodies such as yard waste mixed with food waste
  • runs on antifraction bearings and constantly presses materials through screening mesh that is available in different perforations
  • driven by a hydromotor with planetary gear that has load-sensing speed control for hydraulic drive
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Metso Denmark shredder

Metso Denmark, Horsens, Denmark, introduced its mobile M&J PreShred 4000 at WasteExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. Features include:

  • available in crawler and trailer versions.
  • hydraulic load sensor for clogging management and the ability to restart instantaneously at full speed
  • unshreddable items passing though only impact one rotor, while the other continues to function normally
  • the Caterpillar C15 Tier 4F, 535 horsepower engine delivers up to 20 percent reduction in consumption compared with previous generations
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Clean Energy Fuels compressor

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Newport Beach, California, has introduced a heavy-duty nonlubricated compressor. The CleanCNG incorporates improvements in compressor design and intelligent engineering. Features include:

  • streamlined modular engineering designed to improve initial specification and cost-effectiveness, quicker delivery time and more reliable operation
  • low operating noise at 75 decibels at 3 minutes makes it suitable for residential installations
  • heated air is not recirculated between compressors, and performance remains consistent regardless of the number of compressors
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