West Salem Machinery shredder

West Salem Machinery (WSM), Salem, Oregon, has introduced its Biomass Super Shredder, which it says can process a wide range of green feedstock—chips, sawdust, shavings and hogged wood—for improved drying and sizing for pellet manufacturing. Features include:

  • designed to deliver high-capacity and high-speed milling of green fiber at rates from 10 to 75 tons per hour
  • available in rotor diameters of 42 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches and rotor lengths from 36 to 88 inches
  • when combined with a WSM prescreen, processing rates can reach up to 100-plus tons per hour
Visit www.westsalem.com for more information.

ASGCO one-sided Slide-lers

ASGCO, Allentown, Pennsylvania, has introduced the one-sided Slide-ler, enabling changing of rolls under a conveyor loading skirt without having to remove adjacent belt idlers. Features include:

  • able to fit into tight or confined spaces, ensuring proper belt rolling support and ease of change out
  • wing and center roll hangers can be removed for easy replacement of idler rolls
  • can be designed to hold any manufacturer’s roll
  • modular and adjustable tooling with either rigid or swing hammers with replaceable inserts
Visit www.asgco.com for more information.

Sennebogen electric material handler

Sennebogen LLC, with U.S. offices in Stanley, North Carolina, has introduced the 821 M E, an electric material handler with integrated powerpack, offering the flexibility of a mobile machine. Features include:

  • a quiet 90-kilowatt electric motor offers low operating and service costs and eliminates the need for exhaust treatment and particulate filters in the work zone
  • design combines the advantages of an electric drive with the mobility necessary in the machine
  • a diesel power pack built into the counterweight allowing operator to switch between power sources
  • the cab, which can be elevated up to 8.8 feet, also comes with climate control and protective ventilation
Visit www.sennebogen-na.com to learn more.

Resource Converting LLC air drying technology

Resource Converting LLC (RCI), Las Vegas, has developed a patented pulverizing air drying technology it describes as a nonthermal drying system for wet, semisolid biomasses. Features include:

  • suitable feedstocks include municipal solid waste (MSW), animal manure, spent grain, municipal biosolids, agricultural waste, paper sludge, green waste and other feedstocks needing dried or reduced
  • sorting of wet from dry MSW material not required
  • dries out all material to a uniform level of below 15 percent moisture
Visit www.resourceconverting.com to learn more.